We are the change that you want to see!

We are the change that you want to see.

I inspire - Empowering Adolescent Girls

There was something about Roopa that left me wanting to observe her from close. Her sparkling eyes and enchanting smile prodded my instincts to probe more into her whereabouts and her as a person. It could have been her clever maneuvers on the number hopscotch that caught my attention or her attentiveness in the classroom sessions. She was part of a group of 88 adolescent girls chosen from the 51 villages of Koppal in North Karnataka, as part of the Role-Model Adolescent Girls Project nick-named Sphoorthi, under the aegis of the Karnataka Health Promotion Trust and the Azim Premji Philanthropic Initiative. The girls were in Koppal to attend the three-day leadership camp at the Gnanabandhu English Medium Residential School.

I noticed that leadership came naturally to Roopa, she was the first to raise a hand when the class was asked to nominate a leader among them. I watched her as…

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