Can love be demanded

I grew up with the notion of one love and true love. As a child, I used to get this dream of my prince arriving on a white horse, the most handsome and divine looking creature on the earth. Robed in white, my prince charming had the most beguiling smile and the perfect features. The white horse gallops in pride and trots around me. The prince alights from the horse and approaches me. I stretch my hands out to feel his, I then slip off the rock I am seated on and lands face down on the earth, tasting the mud in my mouth and feeling the pain in my body, I look up to see around but there is no sight of anybody. So my dream was always about my pursuit of the prince who is as close to embracing me, but leaves before I could even feel his finger tips. The picture of my prince was as clear as the water of the purest of rivulets. This often deterred me from befriending anyone in college, as I knew in the most vulnerable teenage years I could have been drawn towards someone else and not the prince of my dreams.

I also believe that whatever happens in our life has a purpose. There is constant learning in every incident, in every breath. Its just a matter of time when you will realise, what to assimilate and what to discard. Fear and sorrow come from insecurity.


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