On the other side…

A mystery still veiled is what you are to me
At times your thoughts make my heart leap
At times your thoughts make me whimper
For I know you are too far away
Yet I feel your warm breath
Those moist lips

When I feel your gentle touch
A thousand senses awaken my soul
I long to be in your arms
Although I know you are beyond my reach
I stoop and stumble but do not want to wake up
For its a wonderful world
My world with you and your thoughts

I see the love in your eyes
The love you always denied
The love I too denied
I see my true self in your eyes
I discard my masks when you are around
You have shown me who I am
But I have to let go of myself
Let go of you
Cos this was not meant to be

Maybe those lonely days are back again
Those lonely nights too?
With the pain so divine
No wise man can construe
The salty waters that roll down
like an unbridled flowing river
Have found respite in me
An identity to pity myself

Is it sorrow or bliss I fail to understand
Cos I knew trouble was my way
When I gave myself to you
For nothing in return, so blind so unmindful
Words fail when I give my thoughts shape
It’s only the heart that has a say
And I won’t restrain it more
Cos love was never fair to me

You’ll always rest at the bottom of my heart
My years, my days, I shall start counting down
Until we meet again on the other side
As dawn falls upon us
Can I say Adieu, for I will die if I don’t
…. the wound will never heal
As my heart will forever bleed
I live in this moment and every moment you’ve given me…
May you live a hundred years my dear, my love…


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