Handling mood swings a.k.a PMS

Have you felt miserable time and again when you picked up a fight at home or a total stranger for a reason you had no control or authority over? You felt overly edgy and naggy and unable to comprehend or justify your actions. At times cried without provocation and felt that the whole world is against you. A feeling of misery and blandness creeping inside every vein of yours and poking fun at you?

Well, you are just as normal as any other woman going through what is fancily termed as PMS (premenstrual syndrome). It took me many years to come to terms with the very existence of this vamp that came tiptoeing every other month and left me devastated. Could be my ignorance or lack of reading up on a woman’s physiological state during her menstruation. But now, when life seems less intimidating, I did get an opportunity to take a peek and introspect into this natural phenomenon. As I grew wiser understanding the woman that I am and that I do not wish to be during those times, I adopted a few techniques that helped me overpower her and be at peace with myself and offer peace to the people around me.

  • Awareness: The most important aspect of PMS is to identify the very nature of your genre of PMS. For instance, you get irritated for reasons as silly as the garbage collector leaving behind a plastic packet in the dust bin. Things that you otherwise ignore conveniently have become of utmost importance and affects you largely.
  • Identification: You should know when you are genuinely annoyed at someone or a situation and when you are trivially annoyed at the same person or a similar situation. You should be able to differentiate between your normal level of tolerance and the abnormal level of intolerance during those times.
  • Pattern: PMS usually comes before your menstruation and duh! that is why its been named that way. But mood swings can occur at other times also, this could also be attributed to hormonal activities in your body. So its not your  normal self that drives you to that state, but a concoction of emotions, chemicals, situations that work up in the mind that makes you the undesirable person.

Now that you have tamed the three cardinal symptoms, comes the most important factor, “Taming the PMS”

  • Make an effort to be happy: You know what makes you happy or what peps up your mood. When you realize that you have been struck, explore those few or many things that make you happy. It could be anything from reading your favourite author, listening to a certain kind of music, watching a movie or going out with friends.
  • Avoid unpleasant situations: Try to walk away from an argument or a situation that will stir up the restless hormones and in turn stir up a hornet’s nest.
  • Be productive: Divert your energy into something productive. The feeling of having achieved something will mollify the feeling of worthlessness that generally arise during PMS.
  • Last but not the least, do not treat yourself repugnantly. No one can love you the way you want to be loved and the way you can love your own self.

Happy PMSing!!


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