Its another beautiful day

What a perfect way to start the day!

A sip of freshly boiled green tea using basil and gotu kola leaves from my herbal garden and my companion seated close to me.

While I was sipping from my cup and swiping the whatsapp screens to view the innumerable messages from the different groups and individuals, I noticed something interesting. Because I had swapped my mother’s phone with mine, some of her groups still remained on her phone, which now had my number and SIM card.

A couple of messages popped up in the notifications window and I happened to open one named “forever friends”. That was a group of eight women in their early and late sixties. The good morning messages had images of Krishna, Guruvayurappan, Vishnu and a few other Gods, few of them had verses from the Gita and pictures of their grand children smiling and laughing away.

Just then I opened my school batch mates group messages and saw a couple of good morning messages… the group comprises women in their late thirties. Along with the good morning messages imprinted on a beautiful sunrise or a smiling baby, there were messages that spoke about how to lead a happy life, how to love yourself and the success mantras in life. Funny messages about husband and wife relationships and a couple of informative forwards.

That intrigued me  and I opened my daughter’s friends group. The messages were bustling with energy and excitement about their national athletic meet, chats about a couple of new music albums just released, discussions about upcoming movies, cribbing about the new teacher who did not know how to teach and a lot of ‘yo’s’ and ‘sups’  and ‘ttyls’. There was another group that comprised a couple of girls who exclusively got together to form a hate club for a particular girl in the class.

The kids group seemed to be in an unusual hurry and looked like taking shortcuts for each and every normal stuff. ‘Come on, they have a lot to accomplish, I thought, unlike people like me who have learnt to relax, and come to terms with the reality of life. The worthlessness of speed and the worthiness of slowing down strike us once we realize that we have missed out on a lot of things that were important to us, that which we happened to pin, in our to-do list but forgot to go back and check.

I felt really relaxed and rejuvenated when I skimmed through the messages of “forever friends”. There was so much peace and tranquility there. Something we’ve all been working towards. My friends group had learnt to laugh at life’s mysteries and miseries. We had learnt to accept life as it is and were in between the apprehensive and nirvana stages in life. The kids groups were innocent and to them nothing was more important than the momentary joys of life. Each group had their own unique ways of  ascertaining happiness.

But again I think, was it not our choices that made us who we are and what we are. Is it fair to blame the circumstances or the people around us for what we lack.

As someone rightly said. Do not leave the reins of your life in someone else’s hands. Before you realise, that would have led you to a destination you never longed to travel to.




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