Never have an opinion

Never have an opinion
For your status does not befit one
Never raise your voice
Cos fate has mellowed you down
Never raise an eyebrow
Cos beauty is what you attest

Sulk, grieve, suppress, shhh!!
Do not rant, complain, speak up
Never have an opinion
For those are reserved for men
You disgusting soul!
Beauty is what you attest
And brain is just a tissue in you

Accusations, complaints, grievances
Are your friends for a lifetime
Compulsions, commitments, responsibilities
Are not enemies to stay away from
But colorful nooses above your head
As loose as they can be to slide easily
Strangling your soul before your flesh
Yet never have an opinion


I stopped being an Angel

I stopped being an angel for they are nothing but jesters
Out there only to please
In the world of danger and  falseness
Who cares about them

Whether robed in white or
With wings so light and
A wand so magical
A smile so genuine

I stopped being an angel for
They are irrelevant and old fashioned
They don’t know to pout
Neither to shout nor snort

All they know is to
Not resist and bear it all
With a never ending saga
Of endurance and obligation

I stopped being an angel

To be or not to be

And the mountains echoed that which I dared not to
Howling and whistling, in glory as seen never before
It said; look at my beauty and worth…
I am free and unbridled

Nothing but my creator can break me
Look at you so puny and irrelevant
A slight whiff can put you off
Casting a charade on my worthless existence

Do you want to be one with me
Bold and free to roar aloud
To whistle away or flaunt beauty
Show your might and immerse your plight

The tread was daunting and the storm raging
And I waited for another cue until
Aimless and blindfolded I took a step
To take on the storm so firece so wild

I dont want to flaunt my beauty
nor my might I want to show
But freedom is why I want to be one
With the mountain so daring so high

This led me to her abode
So warm so protective
While I stopped at a rivulet to
Pick a pebble and nudge a fish

A breeze so serene brushed my cheeks
And gave way for a tiny smile
The first step was the one to take
Every step then led to the next

A beauty that I never revelled of mine
The one I never acknowledged
Stood before me while I splashed
A palm full of pristine water

The picture so vivid so relatable
That longed to slip out some day or the other
When its existence I approved
and slipped the past into oblivion

The cycle chain

The gear wouldn’t move, the chains neither
The good old spanner was under the weather
I mustered courage and pushed the beast ahead
Clattering and rattling the bicycle moved farther
Just when I wailed helplessly, my mother woke me up from the bed!!


The flower pot

I took the flower pot
And thought it was lit
It sat silently without a slight move
I moved it here and there a bit
Only to find out that it was an empty cone

Refugee (dedicated to Alan Kurdi)

Oh mama, the stars look beautiful here
And they rock me on the moon
Don’t you cry don’t you wail
Am happy as ever up here

Oh mama, I do miss your lullabies
Those sweet dream kisses
Those lifts and hugs I miss too
Those tender pats on my cold butt

Oh mama the water was very cold
And the night was dreadful
As long as I held your hands
I felt I would not leave you

Oh mama hardly could I breathe
When I dove beneath the water
The last hug you gave me
Was so tight and painful

Oh mama under the deep ocean
I met two sweet fairies
The ones who carried me like a feather
“So delicate so sweet” they uttered

Oh mama then they took me up
Over and above our tiny boat
I shouted out loud to papa and you
But you were in deep sleep in the ocean

Oh mama am happy up here
Just listening to the blue ocean sing
As beautifully as you do
It does not swallow babies
But make them float and fly

Oh mama do they still fight over silly reasons
And send people away from their beloved homes
Does the ocean still devour children
And take them away from their mommies

Do mommies still cry aloud
Seeing blood on their children
Are people still waiting to climb on a boat
And still reach nowhere

Oh mama, I still miss your sweet dream kisses
Those tender pats on my cold butt….




On the other side

A mystery still veiled is what you are to me
At times your thoughts make my heart leap
At times your thoughts make me whimper
For I know you are too far away
Yet I feel your warm breath
Those moist lips

When I feel your gentle touch
A thousand senses awaken my soul
I long to be in your arms
Although I know you are beyond my reach
I stoop and stumble but do not want to wake up
For its a wonderful world
My world with you and your thoughts

I see the love in your eyes
The love you always denied
The love I too denied
I see my true self in your eyes
I discard my masks when you are around
You have shown me who I am
But I have to let go of myself
Let go of you
Cos this was not meant to be

Maybe those lonely days are back again
Those lonely nights too?
With the pain so divine
No wise man can construe
The salty waters that roll down
Like an unbridled flowing river
Have found respite in me
An identity to pity myself

Is it sorrow or bliss I fail to understand
Cos I knew trouble was my way
When I gave myself to you
For nothing in return, so blind so unmindful
Words fail when I give my thoughts shape
It’s only the heart that has a say
And I won’t restrain it more
Cos love was never fair to me

You’ll always rest at the bottom of my heart
My years, my days, I shall start counting down
Until we meet again on the other side
As dawn falls upon us
Can I say Adieu, for I will die if I don’t
…. the wound will never heal
As my heart will forever bleed
I live in this moment and every moment you’ve given me…
May you live a hundred years my dear, my love…



Those tiny steps were the toughest,
But they led me to the biggest leap

Those long nights were the darkest
But they woke me up to the brightest sun

I feared I might leap into a fearful night
A night in despair and dejection

You showed me how it’s like to smell the sun
You showed me how it’s like to smell petrichor

The things I dared not to do when I was hiding inside of me
Away from the sun, away from the rain

Your wisdom and trust helped me discover myself
I treasure your friendship and will never let you down.

To be lost in love

I want to be lost in love
Show me the way
and I’ll be lost again
Show me the light
And I’ll go blind
Give me your hand
So, I’ll let it go
I want to be lost in love
Give me your warmth
Until I am cold
Give me a smile
Until I cry hard
Give me all the love
That my heart can’t take
Hold me tight
Until I let myself free

I want to be lost in love
It’s never been so good
To be lost in love
To have found yourself
When you are lost in love
To have found love
When you have lost yourself
Live the moment
Before you know that
It was just a dream
And can never feel the same again
Let me be lost in love

Pebbles of Life

Aghast, I stood up looking hither and thither
The voice whispered, it is now or never
I gathered the broken pieces and strode ahead
With a whimpering face I took on
The path so frail and yet so graveI stumbled and toddled and moved ahead
With the pieces still intact in blood and life
With trembling fear towards the swelling air
I held out my hands without much botherThe curious birds took a peek and desired a peck
The worried winds waned and hissed around
The voice asserted that I move on
This is not where you belong, it utteredThe droplets, saline and unbridled
Found their way to tenderness
Seeking that which is nothing but void
Only to be amused how majestic they were

I stand still on another sojourn
Still holding the tender pieces intact
Displacing the wimple in black and white
Only to see the pieces in blood and life

Can I bury my visage yet

And scream out aloud to mother earth
For she is the reason I am here
And she is the reason I departThose pieces I examine are no longer alive
They are all but pebbles in black and grey
Ready to merge in a piece of rock
Perched on nothing but a ray of hope