“The woods are lovely dark and deep, but I have promises to keep…”

“Nacha beda bave neenu hange hogaakka; Odi hogi nodi baru enen kalsara”, (do not be shy girl, step out and see what’s happening outside your world)

I inspire - Empowering Adolescent Girls

“Nacha beda bave neenu hange hogaakka; Odi hogi nodi baru enen kalsara”, (do not be shy girl, step out and see what’s happening outside your world). When Roopa, Pakkamma, Anjali, and Sangeetha chorused on the stage, it seemed like their inner voices were scuttling and racing past every spile of centuries-old societal and cultural suppression. Their gleaming eyes and glowing faces, heads high and shoulders wide had such a bearing that they seemed ready to take on any hurdle, to sprint past their quest and attempt in creating an identity for themselves.

The intrepid demeanor with which they concluded the song and stepped down from the small stage set in the well-ventilated auditorium of the Gnanabandhu Residential School in Koppal, was a testimony to the metamorphosis they were undergoing during the past 18 months, under the tutelage of the Sphoorthi Project.

The inner courtyard of the school was bustling with…

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We are the change that you want to see!

We are the change that you want to see.

I inspire - Empowering Adolescent Girls

There was something about Roopa that left me wanting to observe her from close. Her sparkling eyes and enchanting smile prodded my instincts to probe more into her whereabouts and her as a person. It could have been her clever maneuvers on the number hopscotch that caught my attention or her attentiveness in the classroom sessions. She was part of a group of 88 adolescent girls chosen from the 51 villages of Koppal in North Karnataka, as part of the Role-Model Adolescent Girls Project nick-named Sphoorthi, under the aegis of the Karnataka Health Promotion Trust and the Azim Premji Philanthropic Initiative. The girls were in Koppal to attend the three-day leadership camp at the Gnanabandhu English Medium Residential School.

I noticed that leadership came naturally to Roopa, she was the first to raise a hand when the class was asked to nominate a leader among them. I watched her as…

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To Sphoorthi …..with love!

With emails replacing handwritten letters and surprises coming with no surprises, there is still a bunch of girls who pen down their thoughts on paper and send them to their beloved friend Sphoorthi.

I inspire - Empowering Adolescent Girls

I still remember the eagerness and excitement that came along with the wait for the letters and greeting cards from my friends around the time of birthdays, Christmas and new year’s. A week before my birthday, I would be seated in a plastic wicker chair, glued on to the window grill, looking out into the distance for the ‘tring tring’ of the bicycle of our beloved postman. He came by our house every day around 3 pm. If the bell doesn’t ring, it meant that he did not have any letters for us. And if it does, it’s a continuous ring until we land up in the courtyard and run up to him to collect the letters.  Gone are the days when a small inland letter or a greeting card would bring us so much joy and fulfillment, or a telegram would travel to us with so much suspense and…

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Are you fit enough!

Traversing the beautiful valley did not look formidable when we set out on the second day of our ascend to the mountain ranges running along the Hampta Pass. I was confident about my fitness, as I followed a daily routine of at least 20 rounds of Suryanamaskar, was always on my toes (literally) braving the… Continue reading Are you fit enough!

Social Stalking

I wished to bury my face deep under the cloud of embarrassment I found myself in, when I saw that a trivial and whacky write-up of mine was published on LinkedIn without my knowledge. And this awareness struck me only when I got a personal message from one of my well-wishers asking why I had posted a… Continue reading Social Stalking

8 tips to start off as an independent writer

Oft times in life, we fail to identify what we truly love, as most of the times we are either following someone else’s trail or we are clueless as to where we are headed for, until we discover a deep void ahead of us at some point, earlier or later. If, doing the things we… Continue reading 8 tips to start off as an independent writer

Social presence vs productivity

No, I don't think I am an introvert. I love meeting people, making friends, and mingling with people who I think share similar wavelength as mine. Yes of course, I would not make a conscious and weighted effort to get myself into conversations with people or make an extra effort to befriend people with a… Continue reading Social presence vs productivity

Feeling lazy

One of my new year resolutions was to start writing rigorously. The first month did indeed start off with a bang, with a meticulous rehaul of my blogging sites. Putting all my writings that were scattered in every  possible folder on my computer and that I could identify, as a place "I must have saved… Continue reading Feeling lazy

What is in it for me?

After a long period of incubation and living a life that was crafted by everyone else except me, I introspected into the necessities that I had strayed away from. The most important of them being reading and writing. I always knew that I wanted to write, not technical documentation, but stories -- real and surreal. As… Continue reading What is in it for me?

Handling mood swings a.k.a PMS

Have you felt miserable time and again when you picked up a fight at home or a total stranger for a reason you had no control or authority over? You felt overly edgy and naggy and unable to comprehend or justify your actions. At times cried without provocation and felt that the whole world is… Continue reading Handling mood swings a.k.a PMS