Who am I?

Although I like to believe that I am a happy person, people close to me say that there is some melancholy deep inside me. I know not what it is..however, I have always been contended with what I have. Be it sorrow, happiness, friends, or no friends. I have always accepted Gods offerings with open hands; arms stretched and head high with a grinning smile, exceptions being scorching heat and incessant rains. I believe  there exists three worlds that equate to the three tenses we all have learnt in school. Therefore, I often wonder if there was a sad past about me or if there is a sad future for me, or whether I am genuinely unhappy in the present.

Should I not be contended with what I have and go in search of real happiness? What is real happiness…real happiness is when you break all barriers around yourself and hoot and scream when you really want to.. real happiness is when you experience unbound happiness when an old woman just thanked you for letting her cross the road… real happiness is when you let your tears roll effortlessly when you fee sad and want to express grief. Real happiness is when you do the things you want to, unmindful of the boundaries imposed by your upbringing, society, shame, civilization… because, in the end the only factor you are answerable to is your own conscience.

I love life, its happiness, sorrows, pain, dejection, success, failures, the characters or people who I encounter or not encounter. Who are just there before me wanting to speak their stories by letting me observe them…Probably, I have not begun the search for the reason of my  existence.


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